Bookkeeping Services

At Cathy Rogers, EA, Lisette Financial, we have a unique understanding of the complex processes that go into maintaining a small business’ books and records. If you find that you are buried by bookkeeping processes that you do not completely understand, or that are preventing you from growing your business, our Phoenix bookkeeping services can help.

With our assistance, our clients don’t have to figure it all out for themselves. We take care of staying on top your books and providing tech-saving bookkeeping solutions that work for you.

Monthly Bookkeeping Services

Our monthly bookkeeping services for small businesses include support for on-going bookkeeping needs that must be handled on a routine basis. These monthly services can include:

Bank Account Reconciliation – Do you know how much money is available in your business bank account right now? If you aren’t sure, you could risk being unable to purchase necessary capital to grow and develop your business. We help you maintain a clearer picture of your current financial standing by promptly reconciling business bank accounts. With accurate numbers, you can confidently make purchases your business needs to move ahead.

Income Statement Generation – Figuring out where your business is spending the most money and making the most money helps you find the necessary balance to be successful. We generate income statements so you can clearly see profits and expenses and how each are made at your business. What do you spend your money on? What’s making you the most money? If you’re over-spending anywhere or could ramp-up efforts on a money-making service, these essential reports will let you know. 

General Ledger Maintenance – All necessary bookkeeping records flow through your general ledger, making it the heart of back-office processes. As essential documentation, a clean general ledger is important for all other bookkeeping tasks, including preparation of taxes and other financial documents. If you have failed to record important transactional data here, the effect can be far-reaching. When you enlist our Phoenix bookkeeping firm, you can be sure that your ledger will be up-to-date and accurate.

Balance Sheets – With balance sheets prepared by Cathy Rogers, EA, Lisette Financial, business owners receive a snapshot of what they own and what they owe -- what are you worth in assets compared to what you may owe in outstanding debt. Are you in a good position to secure additional financing? This documentation helps you make sure that you are not experiencing a shift in balance between debt and value so that, if necessary, you can acquire support from third parties.

Our bookkeeping services naturally feed into and support tax services for business as well, including personal tax returns for sole proprietorships. With accurate bookkeeping data, back-office financial processes are streamlined and help develop a blueprint for future success. All you have you to do is provide us with your business’ data and we take care of the rest.

Solving Complex Bookkeeping Problems

If you’ve taken on bookkeeping duties by yourself, or have enlisted a different firm, and have run into a complication, we can help solve outstanding issues. Small business owners with bookkeeping problems can call our office for a second opinion or assistance at any time. Our flat fee for bookkeeping services includes phone support – if you have any questions or need help mid-month, we can accommodate your needs. 

As an author of mystery novels, firm owner Cathy Rogers, EA, sees bookkeeping as a process of finding clues to effectively solve problems. Cathy’s experience as a certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor and skilled accountant allow her to assist your business in whatever bookkeeping challenges you may be facing.

For more information about monthly business bookkeeping services in Phoenix, AZ, contact Cathy Rogers, EA, Lisette Financial today for your consultation.

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