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You started your business with expertise in providing a specific product or service, but for many business owners, that proficiency doesn’t carry over into the complicated details of running a company. Large corporations employ high level financial managers and strategists to make decisions for their companies, but small businesses can take advantage of this same executive experience through outsourced business consulting services in Phoenix, AZ from Cathy Rogers, EA, Lisette Financial.

Why Hire a Business Consultant?

Having an accounting professional at your side to coach you through your tax plan, setting up your bookkeeping system, and providing advice on significant financial decisions is a vital part of what keeps your business afloat through tough financial times. The downside, however, is that hiring an experienced, full-time financial expert for your company can cost more than your small business is prepared to provide.

Utilizing the experience of a skilled, outsourced business consultant allows you to access all of the financial wisdom you may need for your company, without having to pay the steep price tag.

What our Business Consultant Can Do for You

We act as a one-man accounting department for your small business to help you find what need to run your business more efficiently. Business owners can pick and choose among our various consulting services to tailor assistance in a way that makes the most sense for them. Our Phoenix business consulting services include:

QuickBooks Setup and Training – Cathy Rogers, EA, Lisette Financial helps you find the best way to use this popular accounting software so it works best for your company setup and industry. Once we’ve strategized on how to implement your account software and in-office bookkeeping systems, we can also install the software for you, leaving you with a ready-to-use, in-house accounting system that you understand how to utilize.

New Business Formation Assistance – If you’re just starting out and need help making the right choices, our business consulting services can include new business formation assistance for start-ups. We help entrepreneurs find the right business entity and use this as the foundation for setting up tax IDs and licenses. Our business startup services allow you to begin growing your business the right way.

Part Time CFO – You don’t have to pay a six figure salary to an in-house employee to access expert financial guidance. Our skilled accountant and Enrolled Agent, Cathy Rogers, can act as your small business’ outsourced CFO and provide routine financial reports, guidance on when to make smart choices with your company’s funds, budgeting, analyzing, buying and selling equipment, and how to save on your business tax return. With part-time CFO service in Phoenix, you can feel confident that you’re making the right choices for your company’s future.

Our business consulting services make it easier to make smart business decisions and to avoid costly errors, such as mistakes in bookkeeping, setting up your tax plan incorrectly, or claiming inapplicable deductions on your taxes. We’re here to support your success with business services that help you make sense of complicated financial processes involved in running a business.

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